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Lilium - Lily - Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is known as the Princess Lily or the Peruvian Lily. They are simply exquisite with their streaked petals and compact growth. They attain a height of approximately two feet and require a well drained area which receives sun or light shade. The Princess Lily is planted in April or May to a depth of approximately six inches. The bloom period for the Peruvian Lily is the latter part of June until the beginning of August. The image below depicts the Princess Lily which is grown in my garden every year.

Alstroemeria Princess Lily Peruvian Lily

Lilies are truly rewarding and every shape and size has attributes for the gardener. Sometimes there are areas where tiny flowers look better as they assist in proportioning your garden beds. The larger blooms create dramatic effects however you need the appropriate space and setting to maximize their beauty. Lilies provide every gardener with an abundance of choices, shapes, heights and bloom time.

Lilium, Lily, Lilies

Lilies may be divided when overcrowding occurs. Divide clumps in the fall and transplant immediately to a new location. Also there are little black beads on some Lily varieties which may be removed from the plant and used for propagation purposes.

Lilium, Lily, Lilies

Lilies provide gardeners with a spectrum of color choices so vast that it is difficult to choose which Lily bulb you wish to plant in your garden. Your Lily choice may include the splotched, etched, striped, dotted or multi color varieties. They are available in an amazing variety of hues and shades which enable the gardener to prepare a bed with specific colors or choose a scheme which is blazing with multiple colors.

Lilium Lily

Lilies need to be fertilized and kept moist. Fertilize in the spring and throughout the season. Avoid the bulb when performing this procedure and always water well after fertilizing. During dry periods you should use a mister or soaker hose to provide the appropriate amount of water for your Lilies.

Lilium Lily

Another great reason to plant Lilies is due to their bloom schedule. Usually your Iris and spring flowering bulbs have died down for the season whereas your Lilies are getting ready to unfold and provide a floral fantasy. At the side of my house I have a garden which blooms with Crocus and Daffodils in the spring, Lilies in early summer, Clematis shoots up the wall when the Lilies fade, Digitalis, Lambs Ear and Lamium pick up the pace followed by Gladiolus and Chrysanthemums. This is my best garden as the succession of bloom is from spring to fall with the proper placement of perennials.

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