Country Gardens

On the previous page I displayed a nice rockery that Chris built at the foot of her drive. Now on the other side of the drive she wanted to place a really nice urn for annuals but was somewhat apprehensive due to the fact that the area is so far from the house. Her husband John assisted with this task and developed a great solution.

They chose a nice big fieldstone and John went to work with a diamond drill bit and bore a hole into the stone. He made the area large enough to place soil and add small plants for additional colour. The result is of this effort is displayed below.

Fieldstones for Containers Bullet Bullet Stones for Containers

The picture to the left is the lovely fieldstone chosen to accommodate Christine’s Geraniums. The picture to the right is another stone they purchased and applied the same technique to achieve yet another appearance. The result is unique and blends in perfectly with their landscaping scheme.

Christine wanted a bench for the front lawn and was debating which type to purchase. She was looking at seating made of wood, wrought iron and a variety of other material. Once again Chris and John began thinking about ideas and developed an amazing concept. They had purchased stones to make a path from their porch to the garage and obtained a large quantity for a minimal cost as they are classified as seconds. They also arranged to pick up the flagstones and once again reduced the expense of the project. With some of the ends and longer pieces they made their own bench with matching containers. The picture below is a true example of creativity and planning without additional cost to the gardener.

Bench and Stone Containers

This bench is positioned on the front lawn. Christine has planted two Prunus cistena (Purpleleaf Sandcherry) behind the flower containers and a Weigela behind the bench. The beauty of the background is that the trees add another dimension of height and texture to this charming focal point.

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