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Have you noticed a lot of rocks popping up on front lawns and new rockeries being built in your area? In the past two years I have seen an increase of fieldstone, sandstone, granite, quartz and a variety of other rocks. Some gardeners use one rock under a tree while other people use stones to build attractive walls. Rockeries are increasing in popularity and they accommodate such a wide array of plants. Christine has a tremendous assortment of stones available in her fields and surrounding area. Letís take a look at how she has blended the natural beauty of the stone into her gardens.

Stone used as Container Bullet Bullet Stone used as Container

The large pink sandstone featured above is a great example of utilizing colour, shape and form in the garden. As you can see the first picture is just the beginning but as the plants mature the rock blends into the natural landscape and peeks through the foliage with an abundance of colour. The key to successful placement is choosing plants wisely. The shrubs, perennials, etc must be planted close to the rock in order to cover part of the stone. If you leave the stone completely bare it takes on an awkward appearance and almost looks out of place. You choose a stone for the colour or size or shape but keep in mind that a good portion of the stone will be covered with greenery as you want garden ornaments to blend into the landscaping scheme.

Chris found an unusual green stone. It has a marbling effect with white veins coursing through the rock. Chris and John decided to place this rock under their down-pipe as it would provide good drainage and when the stone is wet it look fabulous. Also the stone provides colour and interest to an area that is usually unattractive.

Green Stone Bullet Bullet Large Boulder

The boulder displayed above is in Christineís perennial garden. She has two of almost equal size and I believe they weigh close to a ton each. They easily seat four and can be viewed from the street. This is the reason Chris chose such enormous stones for this area. She wanted to plant perennials but have the ability to see the stones from the street as she approaches her home.

As you can plainly see rocks of all sizes and shapes are available for a vast array of purposes. The scope of their use is limited only by your imagination.

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