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Lilies One of the first gardens Chris created consists of Delphiniums and Lilies. The bright orange and deep blue blend well and display an eye-catching contrast. The garden is brimming with colour each spring as Chris has planted an assortment of bulbs. The flowering shrubs coupled with the perennials make this an outstanding bed. Her choice of location is appealing as you see this garden when you park your car in the drive.

To add more variety Chris chose a few boulders staggered between flags to provide a unique edge between the gravel and grass. Last year she dug out a beautiful garden and incorporated the rocks into the new setting. She has shrubs, perennials and a sprinkling of annuals for season long colour in this delightful bed.

The beauty of Christine’s gardens is the size. She has the ability to incorporate statues, boulders and large specimens. With the acreage surrounding her home Christine can grow a wide range of trees, shrubs and large perennials. This is attractive but bear in mind that planning a smaller garden requires thought and smaller plants to achieve an attractive appearance.

Lilies can be quite hardy and Hybrid Lilies have set new standards in flower size, vigour and disease resistance. Lily flowers vary from one inch to twelve inches in diameter with a scent ranging from delightful to disagreeable. The colour range spans the whole floral spectrum with the exception of blue and the large variations in plant height make the modern day Lily a suitable specimen for many parts of the garden.

Lily Garden

Dwarfs such as the twelve-inch pumilum are excellent in the rock garden. The eight-foot giants like L. henryi belong at the back of the border. Between these two extremes are the vast majority of Lilies, which are three to six feet high. By selecting the right varieties there are flowers to be seen and admired from May to October. There are woodland varieties like the Bellingham Hybrids which relish the dappled shade and humus soil under trees and there are others such as the Empress of China which must be grown in pots under glass to protect them from the rigours of the weather. There is a Lily for practically every garden but you will need both space and green fingers to become a serious Lily grower.

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