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Blending flowering shrubs, perennials and annuals creates an interesting effect as illustrated in the picture below. Chris and John have flowering vines, Euonymus, rosebushes, annuals and perennials colouring the walls of their home. The Ipomoea (Morning Glory) is a beautiful climber, its wiry stems twine around upright supports and the large trumpet-like flowers appear throughout the summer months. The flowers last for only a day but they are borne continually. Any well drained soil is suitable for this plant but sun and shelter are necessary. They grow approximately eight to ten feet high and are truly a magnificent sight to behold when the blooms appear.

Shrubs, vines, perennials and annuals

Euonymus are great goundcovers, climbers or shrubs. They provide colour for the entire season and will grow in sun or partial shade. The variegation adds interest and colour to any landscaping theme. The oval leaves are usually about one inch long and sometimes berries may be produced. Popular varieties are 'Emerald n Gold', 'Emerald Gaiety', 'Blondy' and 'Silver Queen'. Any garden soil will be adequate for this plant and they grow well in sun or partial shade. The heavily variegated types prefer full sun.

Moving along toward the front of Chris and John's we can view thier beautiful Spiraea 'Anthony Waterer'. The Spiraea is nestled between a Dogwood and cedar. The Spiraeas are a large and varied group. The popularity of these shrubs is due to their quick growing and free-flowering nature. They are easy to grow and generally provide no problems, but they do require annual pruning. The Spring flowering Group bears tiny, white flowers which are massed in clusters on arching stems. The flowers of the Summer flowering Group are usually pink or red, the small blooms appearing in flat heads, round domes or upright spikes.

Spiraea, Dogwood, Cedar

The favourite Spiraea in the Summer flowering Group is S. bumalda 'Anthony Waterer' pictured abouve. It attains a height of approximately three feet with flat heads of carmine pink flowers from July to September. The leaves are sometimes tinged with pink or cream. This plant thrives in full sun and should be pruned in early spring.

The Cornus 'Dogwood' is available in a range of shapes and sizes. The flowering Dogwods are attractive shrubs with tall strongly architectural tree like shapes. The leaves often adopt striking colours in autumn. The smallest Cornus is the Creeping Dopgwood 'C. canadensis', which is a mat like groundcover that grows about eight inches high. The white summer flowers are followed by bright red fruits. The leaves turn deep red in autumn. At the other end of the scale from this sub shrub is the twelve foot tree like C. controversa. The wide spreading branches are held in horizontal tiers and above them in June are borne the white flowerheads which form around black fruits in autumn. A more compact type 'Variegata' with white and green leaves is what Chris has chosen for her garden. This plant thrives in sun or light shade and pruning is not necessary but remove unwanted branches in spring.

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