Gail's Gardens

Gail has an uncanny knack of making every single plant in her home look phenomenal. Her talents are displayed below and as you will notice each plant seems to be thriving. Gail lives in Brampton, Ontario and not only has wonderful indoor plants but excels in exterior decorating. Her gardens are meticulously tended and each corner is a wonderful balance of height of texture.

Please feel free to email Gail with any questions about indoor plants as she has extensive knowledge and experience in this field. You can access Gail's email address through the button at the bottom of the page.


Gail knows the secrets for successful indoor planting. Her ability to repot, splice, prune, and transplant is apparent after a stroll through her lovely home. Each room is filled with gorgeous greenery in different settings. Be it hanging, grouping, climbing or sprawling the entire house is complimented with her wonderful array of specimens.

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