Gail's Gardens

While Gail has extensive experience with indoor plants her creativity expands to exterior decorating. Her gardens are well manicured with a variety of colourful specimens. Let's take a stroll through her gardens and check out some of her ideas!

Impatiens, Hosta, Ivy, Ipomoea, Geraniums

The above graphic illustrates Gail's wonderful sense of balance and colour. Her use of annuals blended with perennials gives a splash of colour to the corner of her yard. The Ipomoea (Morning Glory) was grown from seed and this was Gail's first attempt at that particular specimen. As you can see the lawns are well tended and enhance the overall look of Gail's lovely yard.

This photo was taken last year and Gail has informed me that a new garden has been implemented along with an eight foot by six-foot arbor. She has also placed three barrels at varying levels and is enthralled with the new look. Gail has been working diligently in her garden practically every night for the past month. New pictures are forthcoming and we can share in her great ideas.

Ipomoea (Morning Glory) Arbor, Walkway, Crushed Stone and Ivy Ipomoea, Artemisia (Silver Mound)

Each day new flowers appear on Gail's Ipomoea (Morning Glory) and the foliage is just incredible. The centre picture with the arbor and walkway use to be a very shaded area where grass was terribly difficult to grow. Gail was determined to rectify the situation and after careful consideration she purchased coloured crushed stone, pretty little stepping stones and had her hubby utilize his talents by building the arbor. The final result is so attractive and practical. This path leads to the front of the house where Gail intends to install a patio, and this arbor area will lend itself perfectly to the interlock patio that is being designed next year.

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