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Hibiscus are charming because of their lilac or purple flowers, which can be compared to the single flowers of the hollyhock. They have just one drawback; their upright stems give them a somewhat stiff outline. They are however, unparalleled for creating a medium-sized, well-flowered hedge in summer. Jimmy's Hibiscus display attains a height of approximately six to eight feet.

Plant Hibiscus in spring and do not be surprised if growth does not begin before late spring. Prune just after flowering, to avoid the formation of an excessive amount of seed, which would put an unnecessary strain on the plants. However, do not prune systematically in spring or the plant's thin growth will be emphasized without really increasing the number of flowers. It is enough just to remove any overcrowded branches.

Hibiscus Hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a rounded shrub with bright crimson flowers and coarsely serrated leaves. The variety 'The President' has pink flowers with magenta centres and yellow stamens.

Hibiscus sinosyriacus 'Lilac Queen' produces large pale lilac flowers with red centres from late summer into autumn. Jimmy has this variety which is perfect for hedging. Slightly chalky soil is preferable and these wonderful plants are fully hardy and withstand Canadian winters. Full sun is vital and propagating occurs from cuttings in summer and autumn. After flowering Jimmy prunes the Hibiscus to about a foot for the onslaught of winter. Each year these incredible blooms appear and cover Jimmy's front garden with striking flowers that are the talk of the town. As a matter of fact he won an award for his creativity and magnificent Hibiscus hedge which boasts a gorgeous garden surrounded with perennials and annuals.

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