Jimmy's Gems

Jimmy has the best of both worlds, loads of perennials and hundreds of annuals. His back garden is full of colour the entire season and this is attributed to the enormous display of annuals he plants every year. Take a look at the picture below and I bet you are dazzled by this breathtaking array of colour which runs the entire width of Jimmy's backyard.


Jimmy's Begonias are stunning and contribute significantly to the overall view of his property. Not many years ago Begonia semperflorens was regarded as a compact houseplant rather than a summer bedding plant. There has been dramatic change, the Fibrous rooted Begonia is now seen everywhere in beds, borders, tubs, window boxes and hanging baskets.

There are two basic reasons for this increase in popularity, a range of free-flowering hybrids has appeared with an even and compact growth habit, and more and more people have learned that only this plant can rival Impatiens as a source of bright colour in shade and under trees from June until October. The usual height is six to eight inches and the colour range is limited. There are red, pink and white plus one or two new varieties which are salmon. Foliage is usually green or bronze, but red and brown are also available. One of the easiest plants to grow, but do follow the rules for really good results. Buy seedlings or plugs, seed propagation is for the skilled. Do not plant out too early. Wait until early June when the plants are in flower. Enrich the soil with some organic matter before planting out and water when the weather is dry.

They thrive best in humus rich soil and partial shade. The height attained is anywhere from four inches to twelve inches. When planting space approximately six inches to twelve inches between plants.

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