Jimmy's Gems

Overall garden design is important, but it is individual features that make a garden special. Major structural decisions, such as the type of paving to use, the shape of the lawn or how to define the boundaries have a significant impact. Even small details like ornaments and garden lights can lift a small garden above the ordinary.

Jimmy has carefully designed his garden to include flowering shrubs, fruit trees, ornamental trees, vegetables and scores of annuals. His backyard is truly a work of art. The patio is adorned with tropical indoor plants; the fountain is nestled among rows of colourful annuals and perennials. The Begonias which create a hedge like appearance are the bordering line dividing the plentiful perennials and the elevated vegetable garden.

Jimmy's Back Garden

The west fence is clothed with Roses running the entire length of the property that provide an unparalleled backdrop for hundreds of daylilies. Containers are strategically set among the landscaping scheme and blend beautifully with the décor. The garden room overlooks Hibiscus and tropical plants while the east side of the property boasts over a hundred perennial varieties with an overhang of intertwining vines for grapes.

The Dahlias bloom on the west side after the Daylilies are spent and the Euonymus provide variegated foliage the entire year. The grass is meticulously tended and each garden and pathway is edged with lush greenery. Jimmy is constantly tending to his plants either pruning, deadheading, watering or fertilizing. He thoroughly enjoys each aspect of gardening and his property is living proof of his expertise. Hats off to Jimmy, his gardens are splendid and in my opinion could grace the cover of any magazine.

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