New Garden Beds

We have discussed shapes, plants and soil. Are you ready to start digging that new garden? Some people feel they are not qualified and worry about the overall result. Let's take a look at something you have already completed and make comparisons. Designing and landscaping the exterior is really no different than interior decorating. When I purchased my home the people were kind enough to allow several visits and photographs of each room. Naturally I had different ideas and I want to illustrate the changes to give you an idea of how dramatically a room can be altered with minimal expense. The same logic applies to gardening.

The dining room pictured below was off white and the back wall papered. The same carpet is still on the floor however I put an oriental rug in the living area. The ceiling is cut out in bright white whereas the former owners had the ceiling and walls the same colour. The difference between the two rooms is paint, plants and pictures.

Dining room Bullet Dining room

Okay on to another room. This is a bedroom as it appeared with a tiny closet and no door. This bothered me, as I knew I could not walk into any room even if the closet was in immaculate condition and not be able to close the door. The answer was devised after standing in the room for a while and realizing how cramped the area looked. Not a costly solution just installing mirrors and at the same time making the appearance of the closet look larger. Mirrors have a wonderful effect in that they project a much larger view of the room.

This little area has much larger furniture pieces and accommodates with a sense of width that was not present before. The carpets were removed and the hardwood floors sanded and varathaned. I think the mint green walls coupled with hunter green bedding provides a light and airy feeling to the room. So the two major differences aside from furnishings are paint and mirrors.

Bedroom Bullet Bedroom

The kitchen needs to be renovated but the cost involved can be steep. In a few years I plan on complete renovations but for the moment I wanted a clean and functional area. The furniture the previous owner had in the kitchen was much too large. You actually had to walk sideways to get around the table. The lighting was extremely poor and the overall appearance was crowded and dingy.

As you can see from the photographs the picture has been taken on the same angle and the appliances, cupboards, etc are still the same. I built a nice sized wall unit on the right side to accommodate glassware, small appliances, microwave and cover the rad. The bottom area is used for storage and the cupboards were sanded, new handles attached, the ceiling cut out in white, which gives the illusion of width. My games table swings out and seats four comfortably but is neatly tucked against the wall for ease of movement. The front door has been replaced and the walls painted a bright melon shade. The plants and dried flower arrangements add a finished effect and the pictures are a suitable size for the walls.

Kitchen Bullet Kitchen

This is exactly how you figure out a garden scheme. You look at the area; decide on size, colour and the plants chosen are similar to the furnishings you select for your household.

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