New Garden Beds

Now we have a basic idea as to shape, design and the definition of specific gardens. We are ready to create. Whether designing a garden from scratch or simply modifying what you already have you need a plan. A drawn plan will enable you to see the overall design clearly and to experiment with different ideas before committing yourself to a definite option. Make a rough visual sketch by eye. It does not have to be accurate but try to keep existing important features roughly in proportion.

There are detailed ways to design using special paper, making a scale drawing, use of a compass, gridlines, photocopies, detailed drawings and the list goes on and on. I suggest a rough sketch with basic ideas, then go outside and begin to implement. This approach is my preference as I have learned that being in the area and observing the surroundings is far more helpful than spending hours drawing up a complicated plan to follow. Let the garden take shape and perhaps you will change your mind about certain plants and you can alter the shape but these ideas influence individuality and promote a unique garden setting.

Using String to Begin and Island Garden There is a terrific idea for creating island gardens which includes use of string, rope or a garden hose. Simply mark out the area and begin fiddling with different shapes. Have enough string or hose on hand to increase the size. This gives the gardener an immediate idea of how the garden will look.

Perhaps you thought of a large island garden but decided against the idea when you viewed the string on the ground outlining the proposed area. This is my reason for tackling the area with a hands-on approach instead of carefully preparing a plan which may or may not work depending on the lot size.

Of course in large gardens where architectural design is employed and the use of waterfall and walkways are incorporated it is obvious that exact plans must be followed.

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