New Garden Beds

Before we begin creating our garden let's take a look at the various tools required to complete the task. Most tools will have to do heavy-duty work; quality is therefore an important consideration.

The best tools have metal handles and will last you a lifetime. Of course, they are more expensive. Tools with wooden handles are quite satisfactory, provided you look after them properly. Here are a few tips. Always wipe wet tools before you put them away. Sharpen the blades of spades, pruners, shears, and other tools periodically, having first removed any soil and clean well. If you follow this advice, they will last for years.

Hang larger tools from a tool rack in a shed or garage. I hang smaller tools for easy access and store them at the front of the garage as they are constantly used. Also this enables sharpening yearly as a truck drives around the neighbourhood with one specialty, sharpening blades. Immediately I race to the garage and get one of the small hand tools for him to begin this exercise and while he is working on the smaller tools this affords me an opportunity to select various large tools from the back of the garage. These trucks leave your equipment in razor sharp condition and everything is oiled thoroughly. They have the large grinding wheel inside the truck and when the tools are sharpened sparks fly out of the vehicle. Be careful though, the sharpened tools should be used with care and caution.

To create gardens with ease the following tools are essential; spade, hoe, rake, garbage bin, wheelbarrow and weasel. The spade enables a gardener to dig out the desired area. My flat hoe is used for edging. A rake is necessary for levelling and a certain amount of weeding. Garbage bins are paramount, as you must discard weeds. Do not throw weeds on the grass as they can spread into the lawn creating problems with your sod. Make certain all weeds are deposited in the appropriate bin. The wheelbarrow is an invaluable asset as it can move heavy loads, house soil, and saves time and energy which can be used creating your garden. My wheelbarrow is engaged from April to November and to be quite honest I don't know how I survived without one. They are worth their weight in gold and many gardeners in my area do not own one. Some neighbours share and other people rent. Purchase one and if possible a good sturdy model as they will last a lifetime.

Wheelbarrow and Weasel Garden Tools

Did you ever purchase an item and wonder about its value? A few years back I bought a weasel and considered putting the product back on the shelf. Fortunately I decided to leave this handy gadget in the shopping cart and have used it steadily. This wonderful device is simple to use and literally pulls up weeds while turning the soil. Surely you have driven by homes where all the gardens have that pristine look with dark brown soil and clear-cut edges. The dark soil effect is achieved with a weasel. There is very little pressure applied and the result is absolutely phenomenal. The blades turn in the same fashion as a tiller and loosen up the soil while removing weeds. This is one of those must have items for your gardening list. To maintain your gardens with minimal effort believe me this is the answer.

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