New Garden Beds

There is a wide selection of gardening tools, luxury and essential. It is the essentials that are required for maintaining the shapes of your specimens in new beds. We must not forget to purchase gardening tools that will enhance the appearance of our plants. The task of planting and pruning should be performed with precision and ease.

Tree pruners are used for pruning small branches which would otherwise be out of reach. A model with a telescopic pole can be extended to a height of approximately twenty feet. This is a handy tool as it eliminates the need of ladders and trying to dangerously reach unwanted branches. It is a simple device to use and allows the individual to have their feet planted firmly on the ground as opposed to dangling off the rung of a ladder.

The four-pronged gardening fork is for general cultivation. This is excellent for breaking up soil especially if you have clay in your area. Three-pronged cultivators are useful for loosening weeds and turning soil. A draw hoe is good for loosening up the soil in flowerbeds and removing weeds.

Watering cans are essential for successful gardens. You will need at least one but having two or three is preferable. These are ideal for watering flowers in pots, mixing plant food, or adding different chemicals to promote growth. Another use is distributing chemical weed killers on paths and patios, but make sure you use a different watering can for this procedure. The reason I suggest having more than one is for purpose of chemicals and ease of applying plant food. I fill two watering cans and then distribute the plant food throughout the gardens. It is much easier to walk about with two watering cans as this cuts your plant food application time in half.

Garden Tools

Garden trowels are handy for planting out perennial or annual plants. This is one of the most frequently used tools and I keep this little shovel at the front of the garage. This is used for transplanting, propagating and edging the beds by tossing the loose soil from the edges to maintain height and shape.

A hose reel is very useful when you have to move hoses from one area to another. The reel keeps the hose compact and organized. There are several varieties to choose from some are mounted to the wall, others are on wheels and there is a smaller version which is just the hose contained in a plastic casing. This is very light and can be moved to any location by simply depressing the connector. Another solution to watering is having more than one outside tap. If possible two or three is ideal, as this will allow for smaller hoses that will reach all areas of the property.

Garden line, string or rope is great for marking out a straight line and can be used as a guide for cutting a hedge level. This is also perfect for designing new gardens as you can place the line on the ground and create different shapes and sizes. It's a great way to experiment and find the best location for a new garden bed.

Garden shears are for trimming hedges, shaping shrubs and topiary work. Keep this tool sharp and well oiled as it is used frequently. Secateurs are for pruning branches and cutting flowers. This is a smaller version of the tree pruner and a tool you are likely to use often.

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