Rock Garden

The rockery starts at the garage door and travels the length of the drive to the city sidewalk. After the rocks were positioned I observed the wonderful sandstone positioned tightly to the brick wall beside the garage. This area is screaming for detail and it took a bit of thought and time to arrive at a decision. As you can see the beauty of the rock is hampered by the brick background. After gazing at the area for several days I finally thought of an attractive solution. A trellis could be attached to the brick and a vine planted at the base so the effect of the rockery could continue up the wall of the garage. The picture on the right displays the lattice trellis affixed to the brick and the beginning of a vine.

Rock by Garage Lattice by Garage

The purpose of the vine is to provide a colourful backdrop to the large sandstone against the brick. The lattice is twelve inches wide and eight feet high. As the plants grow a portion of the rock will be covered. The vine will eventually adorn the brick and extend around the side of the garage. My first thought was a metal trellis but I could not locate the desired width. I searched nurseries and building stores strolling up and down the gardening aisles to no avail. The trip to the lumber section was worthwhile. I observed sheets of lattice but the dimensions were four by eight feet, much too big for this project. The idea seemed workable but I wasn't sure if cuts could be made as the wood is stapled. Then I saw two-foot sheets of lattice and further along one-foot sheets in cedar. Eight-foot lengths are available and the width on certain pieces is twelve inches. This was the solution to accommodate the tiny strip of brick located at the top of the rockery. When attaching to the brick use your drill bit to place guides in the mortar, also use spacers (thin pieces of wood) behind the lattice to allow the vine easy access in and out of the trellis. Purchase plugs and corresponding screws, then position your lattice to the brick and insert the screws into the lattice, past the spacers and tighten into the plugs. This will firmly secure your trellis to withstand harsh winters with high winds.

Lattice by GarageBullett Lattice Spacers by GarageBullett Lattice by Garage

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