The following pictures illustrate the before and after appearance of the back of the garage. With a little imagination and work, your creations are endless. Also the rocks in this garden are from Lake Muskoka. We dove for unusual, large, pretty, colourful rocks to give the garden a unique look. Rocks add shape and height while providing colour and definition to a gardening bed. You can also place them randomly in gardens to create interest. They are exquisite when covered with foliage. Rocks are natural sculptures and enhance the variety of any garden.

Before The Garden Beginning Of The Garden Vines Planted And Garden Beginning To Take Shape

Decorating your exterior with urns, statues, rocks, plant holders, decorative animals, benches, etc., is like hanging pictures and placing ornaments in your house. They say Home. These little detailed pieces add so much to any garden. Prices vary depending on size and they do make wonderful Christmas presents. Rocks of course are free of charge but full of labour. Your better half will not like this as he is the pack mule. He will be very appreciative when they are in the garden although not too fond of how they got there.

Rocks Enhance Any Garden

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