Weeding can be a huge chore however you can reduce time spent in your gardens digging out weeds. Plant plenty of groundcover, this can reduce your weeding by approximately 85%. Consider covering your garden with a layer of decorative stone. This adds texture with the benefit of reducing weeds. Also the crushed stone provides wonderful drainage for your plants.

Do not throw out your nylons, pantyhose or knee high stockings when ripped. Instead save for tying back roses, small ornamental trees, etc. Nylon has give and does not scar the bark.

Using Nylons To Secure Plants Using Crushed Stone and Groundcover to Reduce Weeding

Have you ever encountered problems with evergreens planted close to the house, and leaning forward? Many trees will do this as they tend to follow the path of the sun. The solution is quite inexpensive, just takes a bit of time and effort. Do not throw out old garden hoses. Save at least one as that will be ample for this project. Go to the nearest hardware store and purchase approximately 5’ of chain. The chain must be small enough to slide through the hose. Then purchase about 10 eyehooks and ten corresponding lead lugs.

A fabulous gardener informed me of this technique some years ago. You will need a drill with a masonry bit. Now we are ready to correct the evergreen, tree, shrub, etc. If you are correcting a large evergreen, you will need to drill four holes in the mortar of your house. Two will be approximately one third of the way up the tree and the next two approximately two thirds up the tree. Then tap in the lead lugs and screw in the eyehooks. Cut a piece of chain approximately two feet. Cut the hose to a length that will wrap around the trunk and allow for wind movement. Do not expose the raw chain on the bark. Drop the chain through the hose. Wrap around the tree. Fasten the links to the eyehooks making sure you have reached the desired length. Cut away any excess chain.

The result is perfectly straight trees, no more worrying about the plant angling out or the trunk bending. The hose will not harm the trunk and the chain and hooks will keep your plant well secured. The hose will last forever but the chain and eyehooks may need replacing in five to ten years. This procedure takes a few minutes to complete as your holes and lugs are already in place.

Correcting Trees Leaning Forward

If you see an inordinate amount of browning in an evergreen, bear in mind it could be due to winter damage, poor drainage or lack of water. This very problem occurred last year with a 15’ cedar. This plant was browning and spreading. I dropped the watering hose by the roots and left it there for about 20 minutes each day over a two week period. The following spring the evergreen was trimmed and thinned. Take about 2’ off the top and approximately half a foot off each side. The brown area was cut last fall. The hole in the tree was approximately 3’ x 2'. There is still a hole this year but it is much smaller about 1’ x 1’ and the rest of the tree is very healthy. Make sure you pay attention to any troubled areas and act quickly to resolve them. It can be such a shame to lose a lovely tree that took over 10 years to mature, not to mention the hardship or root removal. Please be sure to cut any browning from the evergreen. Do not think the area will rejuvenate and suddenly transform back to it’s original state. The browning areas must be clipped away otherwise you will prevent new growth.

Fall Mums

For best results water your lawns and plants in the early morning or evening. If you water during the hot summer days for short periods of time the sun heats the water and can boil the roots. I cannot stress enough the importance of watering. Also while watering plants, this gives you a chance to thoroughly inspect all gardens and evaluate any damage, weakness, pests, disease, etc. Watering your lawns and gardens is actually allowing you the opportunity to admire new blooms. It is also a very relaxing experience. Watering is so fundamental and neglected gardens look wilted and shrivelled, the grass yellows and burns, so please, please water frequently!!!!

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