There are certain plants, which require winter protection. Tenting is a very simple procedure and you require stakes, burlap, staple gun and twine. In the picture below I basically built a small teepee to protect my rhododendron for the onslaught of winter. Hammer the stakes into the ground, and join at top, cut burlap to size and wrap, staple burlap to stakes and make certain the bottom is protected from strong winds. In spring you will be rewarded with a healthy plant. Be certain the burlap does not touch the rhododendron leaves. Unfortunately I made this mistake and some tips turned brown. However lots of watering and some pruning has rectified that situation. Make certain to tent your plants when specified by nurseries.


Pruning is a task I thoroughly enjoy. To make the job a little easier I use old drop sheets under large evergreens to catch all the clippings. This literally reduces the clean up time in half as you simply gather each corner of the sheet and collect all the debris in one swoop. There is minimal raking or sweeping to rid the ground of excess foliage. Any helpful hints to reduce the tedious jobs are always welcome and I try to employ as many as I can.

Using Drop Sheets For Pruning

Plant flowering shrubs that bloom at different times to create colour all season. Combine with annuals and you will have a stunning array of blossoms to enjoy from spring until fall.

Pink Flowers: Bouquet Rose going right Smoke Tree, Weigela, Dogwood, Spiraea, Hydrangea Tree, Hydrangea Nikko Blue

When choosing a decorative rock for landscaping make sure to position the stone in an attractive area. Check all angles of the stone and determine which one best suits the setting. A quick glance at this rock I have placed at the side of the house illustrates the different looks from different angles. I chose this particular location, as it is a point of interest as you enter the yard.

Decorative Rock Decorative Rock

Decorative Rock Decorative Rock

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