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Lilacs: The fragrance and beauty of lilacs have always amazed me. These tough and hardy immigrants from Europe were one of the first ornamental shrubs brought to North America. They come in varieties such as dwarf fragrant lilacs and lilac trees. My lilac tree has prolific white blooms and the dwarf is very aromatic and has pretty pink blooms. These are ideal for properties that cannot house a typical 7' high by 7' wide common lilac. The treeform and dwarf series allow gardeners with average sized lots to enjoy the glory, bloom and scent of lilacs.

Lilac Tree Lilac Tree Not In Bloom

Mountain Ash: This beautiful tree attains a height of approximately 30’. The pretty white flowers are followed by bright clusters of fruit in the fall. Young trees have an upright conical habit that fills out to create a rounding effect. Now for the exciting news! The Mountain Ash has always amazed me however I don’t really have the room to house such a large tree. The other concern is the swimming pool and the clusters of fruit, not exactly the ideal conditions for my backyard. I attended a nursery about a month ago looking for a small ornamental tree. They showed me something new. It is a Pyramidal Mountain Ash. This wonderful specimen has all the attributes of the tree without the enormous size. The beautiful bright berries in fall and the wonderful white flowers in spring. This Pyramidal variety attains a height of approximately 20’ but can be pruned to about 15’. The diameter when fully matured should measure about 6’. The nursery informed me that this particular variety has just recently garnered widespread popularity. Apparently many people admire the Mountain Ash but do not have the lot size to house this beauty. Now it can be enjoyed on smaller lots and also planted closer to the house similar to junipers.

Prunus Standard Flowering Almond Tree: Prunus is a vast genus, including more than 400 species, mainly deciduous. The geus includes fruit trees such as the cherry, almond, apricot and peach which blossom spectacularly in the spring and from which many hybrids, with even more stunning flowers, have been produced. I have always admired the Standard Flowering Almond in it's dwarf form with globe-headed tree. It is covered with cherry blossom-type rosy-pink blooms in May. This tree attains a height of approximately 10'-16'.

Standard Flowering Almond

Purple Smoke Tree: These lovely shrubs have feathery clouds of deep maroon-purple flowers. This tree attains a height of approximately 12’ and grows in sun or half-shade. The fall colour is brilliant and the variety I have is a dwarf series. It can be pruned to any shape and size.

Purple Smoke Tree

Wichita Blue: This broad based pyramidal evergreen with handsome silver-blue foliage retains it's colour throughout the season. It is extremely hardy and grows approximately 12'. Full sun is preferred and these lovely junipers can be clipped to almost any shape. I had one that was not doing well, so the bottom was clipped thus creating a totally different look and shape. It is doing well and all the brown has disappeared, back to a healthy state.

Wichita Blue In Natural State Wichita Blue After Being Clipped

Pyramidal Evergreens: Pyramidal or upright growing evergreens, are one of the most important parts of any landscape design. Use them to frame windows, cover expanses of a brick wall or provide an appealing accent plant by an entrance. There are several to choose from, varying in height, colour, texture and shape.


And where would our favorite furry friends camouflage themselves, if not for these lovely trees??

Camouflage Oscar!!

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