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It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.

Lucy fills the air with Christmas spirit as she happily plays with ornaments. She amuses herself by rearranging decorations and tried to kill the birds on the Christmas tree. As I start to photograph the Poinsettia Lucy begins chewing on the flowers. I stop what I am doing and tell her to settle down.

Bengal Cat Chewing Flowers

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Lucy settles down and behaves properly enjoying the Poinsettia.

Bengal Cat Behaving While Crouched on Stairs

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Lucy is on the attack and needs to be cautioned once again.

Bengal Cat On the Attack

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Lucy is behaving well and appears to like the flowers.

Bengal Cat Enjoying Flowers

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Lucy cannot keep focused on behaving well and starts chewing the flowers yet again.

Bengal Cat Chewing Poinsettia

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Lucy trying to behave while saluting the plant.

Bengal Cat Saluting Plant

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Can you imagine my surprise when Lucy flies out from behind the little tree with her mouth wide open performing vocal skills loud enough to wake an entire household?

Bengal Cat Screaming Loud

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Lucy was on the floor when I began shooting this picture. With the speed of light she flew back up, flopped by the tree and yes she knocked it over.

Bengal Cat Flopping by Christmas Tree

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Time to stop with the pictures and work on the site yet she was on the job before I could sit down.

Bengal Cat on Printer

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Lucy moves from the printer to the monitor as she enjoys sitting dead center which makes viewing images rather difficult.

Bengal Cat Likes Watching Monitor and Movies

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Here is the response to an attempt at moving her away from the monitor.

Bengal Cat Sticking Out Tongue

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Lucy decides to lie on my desk covering my papers, pen and mouse. The vet continually marvels at her wonderful teeth and little Lucy enjoys displaying her pearly whites.

Bengal Cat Displaying Teeth

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