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Annuals - Begonias

For those shady areas in your garden Begonias are the perfect addition. Do you know what I like so much about this wonderful annual? They are hardy, withstand cooler temperatures, bloom exactly as described, look sensational the entire summer and normally are the very last annual I pull from the ground.

The Double Begonias provide a rose like appearance and are perfect for hanging pots. They are exquisite and bring life and vibrancy to your garden setting.

Double Begonias

The single wax Begonia (Begonia semperflorens) is usually available in pink, red or white and these are my favorite for peppering throughout garden beds. They are beautiful as the season advances and the cost is economical as you purchase flats which afford the gardener an opportunity to mix the colors and plant in various beds, urns and hanging pots.


Their growth is upright and when used for a small bed Begonias look very neat and well manicured. Aside from watering and adding good soil to the mix when planting Begonias will need little to no maintenance and you will be rewarded with blooms from May to October, depending upon your zone. My plant zone is 6. In October when I remove the Begonia blooms from the ground they are still beautiful yet the first frost will destroy all annuals thus I prefer to remove the Begonias while the plant is still intact.

Begonias vs Impatiens

The example above illustrates the beautiful show of Begonias in my front garden. Lucy my Bengal cat is sitting in front of the little garden which was filled with double Impatiens. As you can see the Impatiens are spent for the season while the Begonias are thriving. This photograph was taken at the end of September.

Waxed Begonias

The hanging basket depicted above displays the pink, red and white Wax Begonias thriving in my back garden. When I created the basket the Wax Begonias were relatively small however they grew quickly and provided a wonderful display for the entire season.

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