Country Gardens

My sister Christine lives in a rural area north of Toronto, Ontario. Her gardens are simply magnificent. From indoor tropicals to outdoor perennials the combined efforts of Christine and her husband John have created a unique setting. There is enough variety to keep a visitor enthralled with their landscaping techniques.

Their large Victorian home is nestled among trees, vines, shrubs and a long winding drive. Each year they have new projects to enhance the exterior landscaping surrounding their house and the gardens are brimming with colour and a dazzling array of eye-catching species.

Christine consistently maintains the lawns, weeding, planting, watering and ensuring healthy greenery. She begins seeds indoors, has a vegetable garden and digs trees from the back of her property to replant in choice areas. Her incredible knowledge has been garnered over years of practical experience and a devotion to reading, viewing programs on gardening and attending various home and garden shows.

Flower         Chris and John        Flower

Let's take a look at her property. Perhaps her ideas of splashing areas with colour, size and texture will assist you in implementing ideas for your home. A key factor in duplicating some of Christine's gardens would be to own a piece of land with some acreage involved. Christine's concepts work well as space is unlimited.

She has carefully thought out specific gardens and made certain the depth corresponds to the length. Also she has a wide variety of perennials and flowering shrubs.

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