Appreciating the beauty of Dahlias is a concept that my friend Jimmy has mastered. His entire property is tended with the utmost care and precision. The entrance consists of magnificent floral displays with a riot of Dahlias in various colours. The size, shape and height differ and carefully arranged produces a breathtaking view.

Jimmy's Dahlias are peppered throughout the property and touring his gardens is a pleasure. He has managed to acquire and splendidly arrange decorative, pompon, ball, cactus and mixed varieties. His Patio Dahlias are gorgeous and blend in so well with the larger cousins.

Jimmy's Dahlias Jimmy's Dahlias Jimmy's Dahlias

Jimmy's passion for gardening is prominently displayed with his abundant supply of Dahlias not to mention his award-winning Hibiscus. Captivating is the best word I can use to describe his dazzling array of Dahlias.

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