Jimmy's Gems

My neighbour Jimmy is living proof of garden passion. His home is adorned with Hibiscus, Dahlias, Annuals, Perennials, vegetables and fruit trees. Visiting his grounds is an unforgettable experience. Each garden is a work of art with variety, colour and texture.

Jimmy explained his philosophy on gardening. He outlined the various areas people choose for leisure and advised that his entire world evolved around plants. His strong commitment is prominently displayed in every corner of his property.


Jimmy has won numerous awards and citations for his immaculately tended gardens and innovative ideas. His landscaping is inspirational and I truly enjoy my garden strolls with Jimmy jubilantly sharing his expertise and adoration of gardening.

Let's take a peek at Jimmy's gardens and explore some of his incredible ideas. First and foremost his focal point on the front lawn is the Hibiscus hedge. Each year neighbours marvel at the enormous decorative blooms produced by these wonderful plants. The flowerheads splash the surrounding gardens with colour and charm. The size of each bloom is gigantic and an interesting feature is that Hibiscus begins to flower in mid-summer when few other shrubs in the garden are in flower.

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