Lush, thick, deep green, perfect lawns are the foundation for landscaping. Grass is the frame for your home and gardens. A frame can make or break the picture. Surrounding your floral masterpieces with the prettiest frame enhances the magnificence and beauty.

Side Lawn

Fertilizer: Why should you fertilize your lawn?

Regular fertilizing should always be a part of proper lawn maintenance. Like all living things, your grass needs nutrients to survive. If you do not replenish the nutrients as they are used up by the grass and surrounding trees, your lawn becomes weaker and grows more sparse. Fertilizing helps provide all the necessary ingredients for a deep, dark, dense green lawn. It provides:

Nitrogen: This is the most important ingredient in fertilizer. Nitrogen gives the dark green colour to grass, encourages blade growth and improves the overall quality of your lawn.

Phosphorous: This stimulates root development and growth, helps young grass plants get off to a swift start and encourages winter-hardiness.

Potassium: This helps build stronger grass plants, aids in disease and drought resistance and increases the rigidity of grass stems.

Water: water, and water. Make sure your grass gets plenty of it. The rule of thumb is 1" per week.

A landscaper told me that many people are of the opinion that grass just grows and if it does not succeed they are stumped. He said regular watering is the key to enhancement.

When the summers are scorching and dry you must apply water or your lawn will detract enormously from your property. Consistency is the key factor in lawn maintenance.

Mowing: There are three cardinal rules to lawn mowing. Keep your lawn mower blade sharp. Mow in a different direction every time you mow. Do not remove more than one third of the height of the blades of grass when you mow and never mow your lawn shorter than 2" tall.

Back Lawn

Aeration: This is a vital component of proper lawn maintenance. Aeration will reduce soil compaction and thatch levels resulting in overall improvement in the health and vigor of your lawn.

Weeds and Seeds: Weeds are a constant threat to any lawn. If a lawn is weak with bare spots the weeds begin to establish. The best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn. Every spring and fall I broadcast grass seed. During the summer months if bare patches appear I immediately seed the area and water. This chokes out weeds and does not allow them to take over. There are several types of grass seed to choose from. In my opinion the best is Perennial Rye. I always purchase the largest quantity available and generously seed any troubled areas.

Side Lawn With Walkway

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