New Garden Beds

Attractive gardens seldom just happen; they are designed. With the right information, anyone can make a garden. Even if you have no previous experience or professional expertise, you can still transform a bare plot into a beautiful area.

This section gives advice on design and gardening techniques that is very easy to follow and much of it is illustrated. There are several wonderful books on the subject but in this step-by-step guide I want to explain the fundamentals of creating a new garden. In short we will go through each process required to start that garden you want.

Let's choose a location. For a first attempt I would suggest a sunny area. Why? Because it is much easier to choose plants that will flourish in full sun. The problems encountered with shady, dry, damp, or hilled areas can be tackled after successfully building your first garden. Okay we are going to build a garden that will be located in a sunny area of the property. The next step is deciding on the shape and size. The scheme or style of your home will often determine the garden setting.

Let's take a look at the front of my home and pinpoint the problem areas. Obviously the strip of grass running adjacent to the drive is the first major drawback. Due to the location and the slope growing grass became a full time job. After years of seeding, watering and fertilizing I realized this was a losing battle. The next problem is the little walkway up to the porch appears bare and lacks interest. The third setback is the front lawn area looks rather flat. The grass slopes down toward the sidewalk and the house is a corner lot. I felt the area lacked colour and height.

Front of House Before Gardens

To resolve these issues I built a rock garden adjacent to the drive, placed a small garden to add interest along the walkway to the porch and designed an oval shaped garden on a 45-degree angle on the corner of the property. These gardens add colour, height and texture to the front of the house.

Front of House After New Gardens

It is easy to see from the photographs above that the gardens could not be enormous with gigantic trees, as this would literally dwarf the house. This is a bungalow and sometimes small gardens are difficult to create. Large gardens have a tendency to look great and can house a variety of interesting plants. Scaling down to suit the home is paramount when designing new gardens.

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