Lamium ‘Beacon Silver’: Okay this is as good as it gets!! This beautiful little groundcover blooms from spring till fall. It attains a height of approximately 7". The plant is extremely hardy and grows in sun, shade, half sun, under plants and is so impressive looking. You will get rave reviews from this little gem. The other great feature about this perennial is that it spreads, the leaves are attractive year round, and it is a fast grower. The pretty pink flowers are striking against the mint hued leaves. The leaves are mint green with a dark green border, positively stunning. I highly recommend this plant for it’s reliability and hardiness. Another wonderful fact about this plant is that it really does cut down on weeding. It will completely cover any flower bed enhancing the backdrop of other perennials and flowering shrubs. Be sure to plant the Beacon Silver in your garden and you will enjoy it for years to come. Also there are other varieties of this groundcover. My original attempt included six of these incredible plants. The result was this; in a two year period I had an area of approximately 3’ by 6’ completely covered in this exciting array of colour. They double their size the first season. I have recommended this plant to family and friends and the feedback has been awesome. I encourage all gardeners to try this plant and you will be overwhelmed with the rewarding result.


Lamiastrum Galeobdolon ‘Variegatum’ False Lamium: This perennial has attractive green and silver foliage on ground-hugging vines. In the spring you are given a lovely show of yellow blooms. This plant attains a height of approximately 12"-18".

Three Varieties of Lamium

Lamium Maculatum False Salvia: This plant has small, dark-green leaves that are splotched with white. The blooms are a pinkish-purple and flower all summer. This is a great plant to mix with the Beacon Silver. In some gardens I have a combination of both and the contrast is magnificent. These plants are iron hardy and will garner many compliments.

Lamium ‘White Nancy’: This handsome plant has silvery-variegated foliage with white flowers. It attains a height of approximately 6". I planted White Nancy this year around my front gardens where I have evergreens. I put three plants in each garden and within a month the gardens were full. This perennial is sure to please. The pretty little blooms enhance any garden and go with any colour scheme. TIP: The lamium plants are subject to the same insect attacks as the hosta. The cure is the product I mentioned earlier the powder called SEVIN. It will rid the leaves of those nasty little holes in record time.

Lamium 'White Nancy'

Lupins Lupinus polyphyllus: Lupins are lovely! This particular series attains a height of approximately 36" and blooms early to midsummer. They thrive best in deep loam soil and are available in a wide array of colour.

Popsicle Lupins ‘Gallery Series’: These lupins are a dwarf variety that produce slender spikes of very colourful flowers in late spring to early summer. Their palm-shaped leaves add texture and interest to any garden. These plants attain a height of approximately 15"-20" and require sun or partly shaded sites. The soil should be moist, enriched and well drained. Water this plant freely in dry spells and remove fading flowers. Use mulch around the plant to keep the roots cool during hot summer weather.

Lychnis coronario ‘Rose Campion’: I love this plant! It is a show stopper and you will get loads of compliments on this gorgeous perennial. The brilliant magenta-rose flowers, contrast nicely against the felty, silver-gray leaves. It attains a height of 18"-30". They are also available in white. This plant prefers sun. Make certain to bunch them together in groups of three or more as the showy display of colour is more attractive with several plants. Several people have asked me about this spectacular display of colour in my garden. Most believe it to be an annual, but I have recommended this to several friends and family members and they were extremely impressed with the results.

Lychnis Coronario 'Rose Campion'

Malva Sylvestris ‘Mallow’: Dark-veined, hollyhock-like blooms are borne on upright plants. The flowering period is from June until frost. This is a magnificent perennial constantly in bloom. Attains a height of approximately 8"-36" depending on the variety. The Malva Sylvestris in my garden is about 24" and almost pyramidal in shape. It gives a splash of vibrant colour to any garden.

Malva Sylvestris 'Mallow' Malva Syvestris 'Mallow' Two Months Later

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