Myosotis sylvatica Forget Me Not: These lovely perennials are available in both pink and blue. The plant flowers in early spring and sporadically through the summer. They are great for edging.

Myosotis sylvatica Forget Me Not

Peonies: No garden would be complete without the beauty of an old fashioned peony. Blooming from late May till June, these beautiful plants grow from 18" to 30" in height and perform best in full sun. Peonies prefer a well-drained site and good soil. Support your peony with a cage or stakes to keep the magnificent blooms and bush upright. Also when the blooms are spent the leaves are extremely attractive. TIP: Don’t worry if your peony does not bloom the first year. A dear friend gave me peonies from her yard and they flourished each and every season. I purchased one and for three years it did not bloom. Much to my amazement the plant had pretty pink flowers this year. Usually failure to flower is caused by planting the tubers too deep, poor drainage, heavy shade or disease. My peony has some shade but was planted properly, has excellent drainage and soil and has always been a very healthy specimen. The reason I kept the plant in my garden was the lush foliage it provided. Now I am rewarded with the blooms too!

Peony Phlox
Double Fernleaf Peony: The proper name for this spectacular species is Paeonia tenuifolia 'Plena'. This is the rare double (many petalled) form of ferleaf peony. The ruby-red flowers appear like silk roses over the ferlike foliage. This plant attains a height of approximately 12"-18" and spreads approximately 1'. The garden soil must be rich and well-drained. The display produced by this peony is simply astounding. The fernlike foliage is lovely for the entire season. One key factor is the price, this tiny plant cost approximately $20.00 but in my opinion was well worth the price as the reward is a yearly event.

Double Fernleaf Peony ready to bloom Fernleaf Peony in bloom

Phlox: Paniculata are tall growing phlox that attain a height of approximately 24"-36", the Meadow Phlox attains a height of approximately 32" and the other variety is the Creeping Phlox. These spectacular summer blooming perennials will quickly grow to tall clumps. The Paniculata flowers from June until September. The colours are simply dazzling and the gorgeous blooms are stunning. The Meadow Phlox are bi-coloured and bloom in July and August. The creeping Phlox flower in April and May. This perennial is very hardy and the magnificent colour display enhances any garden.

Pink Strawberry: This pretty plant has pink flowers from May onwards. It prefers a sunny area with well-drained soil. I planted this ground cover about three months ago and it has spread like wildfire. The pretty pink blooms are a striking contrast against the dark green foliage. The tag that accompanied this particular plant said it blooms from May onwards. When I asked the nursery exactly what that meant, the reply was, "not sure." I will update you on the progress of this plant and give you the exact blooming period at the end of the season. As promised I am giving the update on this delightful flower. The blooms were just gorgeous and lasted until October.

Pink Strawberry

Pulmonario saccharata Lungwart: There are several varieties of this handsome plant. Blooming time is usually April and May. The beauty of this particular plant is the leaf. They are striking and provide a showy display well into the fall. They attain a height of approximately 12" and prefer full to partial shade. The leaf is long and narrow. On the Bertram Anderson Lungwart the leaves are splotched with white dots. The Roy Davidson Lungwart has pink flowers that turn blue as they mature. This perennial is a definite asset to any garden and I strongly recommend planting different varieties.

Pulmonario 'British Sterling' Lungwort Pulmonario I. 'Bertram Anderson' Lungwort

Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ Black Eyed Susan: Rich yellow flowers with distinctive black centres in midsummer. It grows to a height of approximately 3’.

Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm' Black Eyed Susan

Sedum: This lovely versatile perennial is extremely hardy and available in several varieties. The quality I admire about this plant is that it produces exactly as the nurseries describe. Except for watering they do not require any special attention. This plant is a great addition for any garden and you will be amazed at the rapid growth of this little gem. Sometimes you see a picture of a particular plant and you want to have that specimen in your garden. But for one reason or another it does not quite live up to your expectations. Know what I mean? Sedums are different, what you see is what you get! That is always an advantage for any gardener. My favourite is the Sedum Autumn Joy. However I do enjoy the colourful contrast of the other varieties. Be sure to plant these wonderful perennials as I know you will not be disappointed.

Close up of Sedum spectabilis 'Autumn Joy'

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