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Shade Gardens

How many times have you been told to plant Hostas and Ferns in a shade garden? They are obvious choices and naturally thrive in the shade garden but most gardeners prefer variety. Of course the garden with loads of sun is relatively easy to plant as most flowers are sun lovers. I have a garden at the front of my house which is shady and receives a bit of late afternoon sun. I planted Hostas and Ferns however it was my desire to have more of a dramatic setting for the front of the house, something to break the monotony of Hostas and Ferns which are lovely but only provide foliage.

The experiments began and through trial and error I found there are plenty of choices for the shade garden. I also learned that peppering the area with annuals adds a splash of season long colour and at the same time holds the Hosta leaves off the ground therefore keeping the bugs away from the plant. The Hostas are basically supported with an array of annuals and the overall result is a blend of color, texture and balance.

Shade Garden

In my front garden I planted a variegated Euonymus, Buxus 'Green Velvet Boxwood', Pulmonaria 'saccharata Lungwort', Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost', three Hostas, Ferns and an assortment of annuals. I chose the double Impatiens and the waxed Begonias for this particular setting.

The photograph above depicts two small gardens in front of the raised garden which add dimension and color to the front of the house. The double white Impatiens surrounding the Alberta Spruce provides contrast to the tree and the waxed pink Begonias surrounding the lamp add a splash of color to the light fixture. These various gardens although small in size add interest to the front of the house. All of these gardening areas receive minimal sunlight therefore I thought about methods to increase the overall look with emphasis on color, height, texture and balance.

Pulmonaria 'saccharata Lungwort'

Pulmonaria 'saccharata Lungwort'

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