Weigela Sunny Princess: This is my all time favorite flowering shrub. This wonderful plant has variegated foliage with bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers in June. It grows to a height of about 4-5' and even when the blooms are spent the plant itself is an outstanding addition to any garden. The variegated foliage is spectacular and provides a colourful leaf display for the entire season. This shrub can be clipped to a globe shape and grows approximately 4' wide. Note: Most summers I have enjoyed a second bloom from this phenomenal shrub.

Variegated Weigela Sunny Princess and Pink Potted Geraniums Close up of the flowers on Variegated Weigela Sunny Princess

Flowering Almond Bush: Garlands of double deep lavender-pink blooms cover each branch in May. It attains a height of approximately 4'.

Flowering Almond Bush Flowering Almond Bush

Azaleas: Azaleas like rhododendrons, require a planting soil that is acidic and winter protection. Azaleas have trumpet shaped blooms that provide a wonderful colour display in May. Their magnificent blooms are fabulous and add so much vibrance to your spring flower beds.

Burning Bush Close up of Burning Bush

Euonymus alatus 'Burning Bush' This is a bushy, dense shrub with shoots that develop corky wings. Dark green leaves turn brilliant red in autumn. Inconspicuous, greenish flowers in summer are followed by small, purple and red fruits. It attains a height of approximately 5. This shrub thrives well in either sunny or semi-shady locations.

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

Hydrangea: This is one of the most spectacular blooms available to any perennial garden. There are several versions of the hydrangea. There is the Nikko Blue that blooms in August and September with masses of large blue flowers. The Pee Gee provides a magnificent display from July until September. These flowers are white then turn to a bronzy-pink as the season advances.

Hydrangea Bouquet Rose

The Bouquet Rose blooms in August and September with masses of large pink flowers. The Annabelle is a stunning big ball-shaped flower. This plant blooms from July until heavy frost. The hydrangea plants are magnificent and a must have for your garden. All hydrangeas are acid loving plants. You must add an acidifier to keep the plants healthy. This can be obtained at your local nursery and is not a major undertaking. Simply mix the acidifier with water and sprinkle on plants. The blooms are so exquisite, enormous and will garner a lot of attention as focal points for your grounds.

Hydrangea Dried Floral Arrangement Hydrangea Dried Floral Arrangement

Note: When the hydrangea Annabelle is spent, cut the flowers from the plant. Place the flowers in a bucket and leave in the garage for approximately three days. This will eliminate any insects and allow the blooms to dry. Then bring into the house and arrange in a pretty vase, and believe me you will have countless compliments on your arrangement. Also these lovely flowers can be spray painted for festive occasions, that is, Christmas, red and white, Easter, blue and pink. Also they can be left in their natural state. Be certain there is no white remaining on any of the flowers, they must be spent in order to use as a dried flower arrangement.

Hydrangea Annabelle: Dried Floral Arrangement Hydrangea Dried Floral Arrangement Hydrangea Annabelle: Painted Dried Floral Arrangement

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