Susan's Corner

My name is Susan and I am from Toronto, Ontario. I have two sisters, one brother and twelve lovely nieces and nephews. My parents live in a rural area and enjoy country living. I have always enjoyed pets and currently have the cutest little tabby named Oscar. The first time I used a computer a friend of mine told me not to be nervous and go ahead and push any key. I explained that I had no knowledge of the workings and did not want to damage the system. He asked me if I knew how to type, to which I replied yes. He started laughing and said you know something you have the hardest task mastered!

Susan and Oscar

I am a Sheriff's Officer. We enforce court orders arrests, seizures, evictions, etc. The work is interesting, challenging and a constant learning experience.

On Duty

Collecting is a passion of mine. Love antiques and hit as many sales as humanly possible. In the summer I enjoy swimming, in the winter I enjoy staying warm.

My Favourite Place

My spare time is spent gardening, reading, watching movies and working on websites. To view other sites I have designed, please click on the drop down arrow and choose a catergory. Then click the Go button to browse the page.


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