Trees and Vines

Euonymus: This is the jewel among the evergreens. There are few plants that can thrive in so many locations in so many forms. Euonymus will thrive in full sunshine or full shade. They are evergreens with beautiful shades of foliage in both silver and gold. Euonymus can be maintained in a variety of forms only limited by your imagination.

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety Euonymus Canadale Gold

Emerald Gaiety: is my favorite variety of euonymus. It has white etched leaves that contrast beautifully against green foliage. Euonymus Colorata is a lovely semi-upright vine. The evergreen foliage is deep green turning to a plum colour in the fall that keeps through the winter. It is wide spreading and provides a lovely backdrop. Another variety of euonymus comes by way of tree. The plant is grafted on a stem and provides a striking accent plant for any garden.

Close up Of Euonymus Canadale Gold

Euonymus Canadale Gold: The golden variegated foliage of this plant will create a bright contrast in the landscape. Just two months ago I planted this lovely little accent tree and created a new garden for this little gem.

Hydrangea Pee Gee Tree: This hardy shrub grows in tree form. It provides a spectacular display of lovely flowers in July and August. This shrub is grafted on a cherry tree stem and is a prolific bloomer. The blooms are positively stunning and will gain you rave reviews. My first one was planted in the backyard, loved it so much that I have another at the side of my house. Also they allow for colourful annuals, perennials or statues at the base, actually the list is endless. They are unique and rate as my favorite flowering tree. Note: This tree needs to be cut back each fall to it's original size.

Hydrangea Pee Gee Tree Juniper Blue Star

Juniper Blue Star, Little Gem Spruce: These hardy accent plants are very attractive. They attain a height of approximately two to three feet and are grafted on to a stem. They create a unique look for your garden and allow for either annuals or perennials at the base. The other added advantage of these lovely trees is the three dimensional look they provide to a garden.

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