A wonderful program was implemented four years ago in the provincial government. Forms are submitted to each department yearly and employees have the opportunity to nominate colleagues for the Celebration of Staff Excellence Award. It is my honour and privilege to illustrate the form below which indicates that this year I was nominated for the award in the category of Outstanding Performance.

Nomination Letter

The event was scheduled for June 22nd, 1999 and a distinguished panel delivered speeches and awards. The opening speech was inspiring, complimentary and well delivered by Debra Paulseth, Director of Court Operations. Remarks from Superior Court Justices and Ontario Court Justices praised the individuals for their achievements and recognition.

The awards were presented by Debra Paulseth, Huguette Malyon, Doug Westlake, David Freedman, Lou Bartucci, Terry Howes, Deborah Guild, Rosa Martelli, The Honourable Associate Chief Justice Osborne and Madam Justice Benotto. The guest for the ceremony was Andromache Karakatsanis, Deputy Attorney General.

Much to my surprise not only was I nominated but had the good fortune to actually win the award for Outstanding Performance. Debra Paulseth and David Freedman congratulated my success, as I accepted the award plaque with a lovely pin to commemorate the occasion. A photographer took pictures of the successful nominees and the entire event was a gratifying experience.

Achievement in Excellence Award

Debra Paulseth closed the ceremony, refreshments and loads of congratulations followed. Watching the people as they clutched their awards and nomination letters was very uplifting. Knowing that their talents and dedication are recognized the award ceremony provides a real in-depth look at the person and what they contribute to the organization.

My personal feeling of the award ceremony is complete exuberance. The idea of winning the award, telling family and friends and naturally hurrying home to hang it on the wall gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction. Hopefully I can encourage more people to participate in the initial stages next year. The common question is "Why"? The answer is simple, awards create incentive, inspire confidence, and are cherished throughout a lifetime.

Receiving Award

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