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Vickie (also known as I_want) totally surprised me with this lovely gift. Upon checking my email I found this award accomplanied with a letter praising the content and design of Susan's Garden Patch.

Vickie is a very thoughtful lady and has a wonderful homepage. Thank you for your kindness and beautiful award. To access Vickie's page please click on the excellence award.

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The following award is very special. This magnificent graphic with these touching words arrived from a very talented woman. Here is her letter: "I was just at your site and it inspired me to present the VERY FIRST AWARD to be given by SLS Graphics! I have just gotten my new SLS Graphics site uploaded and have not had time to make any awards. However, I was so impressed with your site that I took the time to make yours. I hope you like it, I personalize my awards according to the site that inspires me. I guarantee this to be an original, one-of-a-kind made exclusively for your site. I do not give these lightly as it takes a lot of time".

It is my good fortune and honour to display this delightful contribution from a visitor who makes me feel that the website is worthwhile. This type of response keeps me striving to constantly better the content. Many thanks for your time, effort and special gift. To access Shell's wonderful website please click on the informative site award.

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