Lecothoe 'Rainbow': This lovely plant is an acid lover like the rhododendron. It has beautiful leaves with a white stripe in the centre and tiny white blooms. It attains a height of approximately 3' and is a striking accent plant. I just planted this beauty about three months ago and it has grown approximately 6". The new growth is a creamy colour which changes to a darker green with that enhancing white stripe. A sheer delight so far!

Dwarf Fragrant Lilac Lecothoe Rainbow

Potentilla 'Gold Star': This lovely dwarf compact shrub has deep yellow blooms borne in abundance from June until September. The Gold Star grows to a height of about 30" and is a vibrant addition to any garden. The leaves are a deep green almost lacy in look, very hardy and blooms the first year.

Purple Sand Cherry: This is a super hardy shrub. It has a brilliant reddish-purple leaf and bark all season long. Tiny pink flowers adorn this shrub in May. This is a must have as the leaves and bark are truly striking and add variety to your garden.

Rose of Sharon Nikko Blue Hydrangea Potentilla Gold Star

Rhododendron: Rhododendrons are perhaps one of the most rewarding of all flowering shrubs. Their large palm-like evergreen leaves are attractive both summer and winter...but their crowning glory is the huge ball-like cluster of showy blooms in the spring. My Nova Zembla has gorgeous red flowers and is a vigorous grower. It blooms later than most and the flowers are positively breathtaking. Rhododendrons like hydrangeas are acid loving plants, so an acidifier must be used. Also they like a lot of water and require winter protection. The ideal location for planting rhododendrons is the northeast side of buildings and fences. They must be protected from direct sun in the winter and yet receive some sunlight in the summer for growth and bud formation. My rhododendron is situated on the northwest side of the house and has been flourishing for three years. If the leaves are not a deep green colour during the growing season, this indicates there is not enough acid in the soil. Soil acidifier should be applied every three weeks if necessary to quickly improve the situation. With a little attention to planting, winter protection and acidifier Rhododendrons will be the focal point in your spring garden every year.

Dwarf Rhododendron: Another attractive plant for any garden. Attaining a height of approximately 6" these pretty little shrubs have tiny leaves literally covered with flowers in spring. My Impeditum has beautiful foliage a distinct dark green with a tinge of silver. Of course the blooms are fabulous but the plant is quite striking and a very attractive addition to the front of a garden.

Nova Zembla Rhododendron Impeditum

Rose of Sharon: This beautiful shrub has single red, double purple or double pink blooms in August and September. It attains a height of approximately 8'.

Rose of Sharon

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