Silverleaf Dogwood: This pretty shrub has silver variegated foliage and gives colour throughout the entire season. It grows to a height of approximately 7' and can be clipped to any shape. This is an extremely hardy shrub and withstands very cold winters.

Silverleaf Dogwood

Spiraea 'Goldflame': This is another must have for every gardener. This shrub grows approximately 24"-36" with golden spring foliage which turns to coppery-orange in the fall. There are light crimson flowers from July to September. Again this is a very hardy plant and will impress you with a wonderful array of colour.

False Spiraea: This is a plant you would call "iron hardy." This beautiful shrub has white astilbe like flowers during the months of June and July. It has fern like foliage and grows to a height of approximately 7'. The width is approximately the same but can be clipped. This is a wonderful plant for the corner of a yard. It is an enhancing backdrop for colourful perennials. The foliage of the plant is truly exquisite and the colour is equally impressive.

False Spiraea Spiraea Goldflame

Spiraea 'Little Princess': Dwarf and compact only grows to approximately 24" with pale pink flower heads from July to September. Can be planted in sun or semi-shade. This is a very durable shrub that will bloom the first year. The growth is perfectly circular and needs no pruning. It is a delight and a welcome addition to any garden. It is another of my all time favorite shurbs!

Spiraea 'Shirobana': This colourful little compact shrub grows approximately 36". It combines both white and pink flowers on the same plant from July to September. It is a real showy little shrub, perfect for sunny areas.

Hydrangea Annabelle Spiraea Little Princess

Weigela 'Abel Carriere': This shrub has light pink trumpet shaped flowers in June and sporadically in September. It attains a height of approximately 7' and requires either sun or half shade.

Weigela 'Bristol Ruby': A very hardy plant with dazzling ruby red trumpet shaped flowers in June and sporadically in September. Will flourish in sun or half shade and attains a height of approximately 7'.

Weigela Abel Carriere Weigela Bristol Ruby

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